1.   All   exhibitors   agree   to   be   bound   by   the   rules   and   regulations   of   the   Albion   Area   Fair.   All   participants   must   have   a booster button Tues. - Sat. 2.    The    fair    management    reserves    the    right    to    amend    or    add    to    these    rules    and    regulations    as    its    judgment    may determine. 3.   Reasonable   care   will   be   taken   to   protect   all   exhibits,   exhibitors   and   spectators   from   all   injury   and   damage,   but   the Fair   is   not,   in   any   way,   to   be   held   responsible   for   negligence   on   the   part   of   spectators   and   exhibitors.   Accidents,   loss   or damage   of   exhibits   by   water,   fire,   theft,   or   otherwise,   whatever   may   be   the   cause   or   extent   of   the   damage   or   loss,   will not be the Fair’s responsibility. 4. Entries will be made according to classification. Entries must be pre-registered by Sept. 1 (see pgs in fairbook 164-165). 5.   Premiums,   as   listed,   may   be   given   for   meritorious   exhibits.   In   cases   where   there   is   no   competition,   judges   may   give an   award   such   as   they   deem   the   exhibit   is   worthy   to   receive.   Same   rule   applies   where   there   are   fewer   entries   in   any   class than   the   number   of   premiums   offered.   The   judges   may,   at   their   discretion,   award   a   prize   or   prizes   of   such   grade   as   the exhibit   deserves.   The   Fair   reserves   the   right   to   determine   how   many   entries   they   will   accept   from   any   exhibitor   in   the same   class   or,   in   case   of   livestock,   the   same   breed.   The   decision   of   the   judges   shall   be   final   in   all   cases   except   where mistakes,   fraud,   misrepresentation   or   collusion,   not   discovered   at   the   time   of   the   award,   is   proved.   In   such   cases,   the Superintendent,   Manager   or   Secretary   of   the   fair   show,   or   such   referee   as   he   may   appoint,   may   make   the   decision   with his   approval.   The   case   may   be   appealed   to   the   Fair   Management   of   Show   Commission   from   whose   decision   there   can   be no appeal. 6.   It   shall   be   the   responsibility   of   the   exhibitor   to   make   known   the   proper   name   of   the   article   or   breed   of   livestock   he   is entering.   Any   item   entered   improperly   will   be   disqualified   to   receive   a   prize   but   the   judges   will   make   the   correct   name   on the entry tag for the benefit of the owner so that the same mistake in entering need not be made for the second time. 7.   All   entries   must   be   grown   or   produced   by   the   exhibitor   since   the   last   fair   by   the   person   whose   name   appears   on   the entry tag. 8.    Superintendents    of    a    Department    reserve    the    right    to    refuse    acceptance    of    any    entry.    Furthermore,    the superintendents   reserve   the   right   to   bar   from   competition   animals,   vegetables,   flowers,   and   manufactured   articles   of decidedly inferior quality and those not possessing sufficient merit to warrant recognition. 9.   The   Fair   Management   may,   at   any   time,   order   the   removal   of   any   exhibit   or   part   of   exhibit   in   bad   condition   and   any article   unfit   to   show   may   be   excluded.   No   exhibit   may   be   removed   before   9   p.m.   Saturday   except   by   consent   of   the management. 10. Exhibits not picked up by 10 p.m. Saturday will be disposed of at the discretion of the Superintendent. 11.   Every   exhibit   accepted   for   premiums   MUST   BE   GIVEN   AN   ENTRY   TAG,   which   must   be   plainly   marked,   showing   THE NAME   OF   THE   EXHIBIT.   In   the   case   of   livestock,   the   breed   name   must   be   given   on   cards   large   enough   that   the   breed   name is   readily   identified   by   the   viewers   or,   if   the   livestock   is   grouped   together   according   to   breeds,   one   large   sign   to   designate the   group   will   be   satisfactory.   However,   the   award   ribbons   must   be   placed   on   the   stall   or   pen   of   the   individual   winners   for the   duration   of   the   Fair   or   show.   Failure   to   comply   with   this   regulation   WILL   RESULT   IN   FORFEITURE   OF   PREMIUMS.   It   will be   the   duty   of   the   Fair   or   Show   officials   to   see   that   this   regulation   is   complied   with.   Where   award   ribbons   are   stolen   or destroyed,   the   exhibitor   may   receive   a   duplicate   at   the   close   of   the   Fair   or   show,   which   shall   be   supplied   by   the   Fair   free of charge. No claims for premiums or other awards will be honored after December 31, 2018. 12.   During   the   judging,   buildings,   except   livestock   arenas,   are   to   be   closed   to   everyone   except   fair   officials,   judges,   and necessary    attendants.    No    exhibitor    or    his    agent    shall    communicate    with    the    judge    during    time    of    determining    the awards,   except   to   answer   questions   proposed   by   the   judges.   Any   exhibitor   interfering   with   the   judges   while   making awards shall forfeit any premium to which he would otherwise be entitled. 13. All livestock offered for premiums must be the property of the owners thirty (30) days or longer. 14.   No   person   shall   be   allowed   in   the   ring   while   stock   is   being   judged,   except   judges,   Superintendents   and   necessary attendants. 15.   Should   any   animal   awarded   a   prize   be   disqualified,   the   animals   gaining   the   lower   prizes   shall   move   into   the   next higher position if, in the opinion of the judges, the animals are worthy of such prizes. 16.   Overfilling   the   cattle   will   be   discriminated   against.   Any   artificial   means   used   to   change   the   form   or   shape   of   an animal will disqualify it from competition. 17.   When   on   exhibition   in   the   ring,   each   animal   must   be   under   halter   and   the   owner   or   employee   must   have   full   control of animal. 18. Joint ownership considered to be as one owner in accordance with registration papers. 19. Department 16 has been omitted as compared to the State Premium Book guideline. 20. All campers and trailers must be parked in areas designated by the fair management and must pay a nominal fee. 21. No intoxicating beverages or drugs permitted on the grounds. 22. No unauthorized persons allowed on the fair grounds after 11 p.m. any day of the fair. 23.   All   persons   staying   overnight   in   any   fair   building   must   possess   a   valid   “Night   Pass.”   It   is   the   responsibility   of   the superintendent   issuing   a   night   pass   to   insure   that   the   names   of   all   persons   possessing   a   night   pass   are   entered   each   day on the master list maintained in the fair office. 24. Each animal must be judged outside of stall or pen area. No premiums paid unless the exhibit is judged. 25. No ticket drawings will be held or announced in the fair office at any time. 26. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification at the discretion of official in charge. 27. Any misuse of parking passes will result in loss of parking privileges. 28. Concessionaires are encouraged to schedule deliveries before noon. 29.   No   dogs   or   any   other   animal   not   being   exhibited   on   the   fair   grounds   is   permitted   on   fairgrounds   at   any   time.   A public   entity   shall   not   ask   about   the   nature   or   extent   of   a   person’s   disability,   but   may   make   two   inquiries   to   determine whether   an   animal   qualified   as   a   service   animal.   May   ask   if   animal   is   required   because   of   disability   and   what   work   or task the animal has been trained to perform. The service animal must have four legs. 30.   The   fair   management   reserves   the   right   to   remove   any   person(s)   engaged   in   any   type   of   unacceptable   behavior. “Unacceptable” is purely at the discretion of the fair management. No refunds will be given to person(s) removed. 31.   In   accordance   with   Pennsylvania   Crimes   Code:   No   person   shall   give   or   offer   to   give   away   any   live   animal   except   fish as a prize in any game or contest. 32.   No   pets,   drones,   selfie   sticks,   sky   lanterns,   hoverboards,   bicycles,   skateboards   or   roller   blades   permitted   on   the   fair grounds. 33.   Any   illegally   parked   vehicles   will   be   towed   at   owner’s   expense.   All   Parking   Passes   must   remain   clearly   visible   in   the vehicle window at all times. 34. The following areas are non-smoking: Grandstand area during events, all buildings and barns. 35. No paging except for medical emergencies. 36. All pullers will draw numbers for positions except kiddies tractor pull. 37. No selling any items on fair grounds unless you are a paid vendor. 38.   Exhibitors,   campers,   and   concessionaries   must   register   motorized   vehicles.   Registration   hours   are   9   to   11   a.m.   daily at   the   fair   office.   Tags   will   be   issued   when   the   driver   of   vehicle   shows   the   following   information:   A.   Driver’s   license,   B. Proof   of   Insurance,   C.   Registration   fee   of   $25.   Electricians   and   Fair   Board   Members   do   not   need   to   register   their   motorized vehicle.   Motorized   vehicles   are   to   be   used   in   the   exhibit   areas   only.   Operation   hours   will   be   between   5   to   10   a.m.   and again after fair closing. 39. No cooking and no open flames of any type in the large tents. No campfires on the fairgrounds. Note: Not all exhibits will be on display after 9 p.m. Saturday as entrants begin clearing barns and buildings. 40. It shall not rain.
©2019 Albion Area Fair, Inc. A.A.F., P.O. Box 94, Albion, PA 16401
MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Albion Area Fair Inc. is to promote the growth and improvement of agriculture farming, educate and provide related career information for teacher training and agriculture, and to allow exhibitors to compete for prize money, ribbons, or merely to enjoy the competition.
© 2019 Albion Area Fair, Inc. A.A.F., P.O. Box 94 Albion, PA 16401
The mission of the Albion Area Fair Inc. is to promote the growth and improvement of agriculture farming, educate and provide related career information for teacher training and agriculture, and to allow exhibitors to compete for prize money, ribbons, or merely to enjoy the competition.